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for Hard Fighting Rainbow Trout

31st January 2021

The water is frozen and it is not looking like thawing this week.  Any day it thaws a bit it freezes again at


Sorry I cannot say when it will be open again.

Take care

Thank you Elizabeth

Orchill Loch is a very old estate water in a very quiet  picturesque setting. The Loch is regarded by many as one of the best small Fly Fishing waters in the Central Belt of Scotland , and regulars to the Loch come from near and far to enjoy the good fishing and friendly atmosphere amongst that exists between the Anglers and the fishery Owners ,Orchill is 4.1/2 acres and has a good natural head of brown and tench keep the water clean.

The water is stocked twice weekly with hardfighting rainbows of about 2lb to 2.1/2lb average.
There are always fish rising and it is a very good water for the dry fly with an abundance of fly life.
The Fishery record stands at 15lbs and it is not uncommon to catch fish in the 3lb to 8lb range.

Orchill is a great buzzer water, and it also offers good top of the water sport during hatches,

though in colder weather and on bright days you may need to go down a bit to locate the fish

lures can be productive on these days, advice can always be sought when buying your ticket the fishery

want you to catch fish, so advice is freely given. Also Check Out the Weekly report page to see what has bee

catching fish and who has been catching fish

The water has easy access from the car park and has wooden stands suitable for wheel chairs. 

Two boats available for hire, £5.00 extra for two anglers.
There is a chalet for anglers use with free tea and coffee and a cooker and microwave.

There is also a fridge with cans of juice etc.

There is also a selection of flies on sale, as well as nylon for making up leaders and casts.
Group and Club Bookings can be accepted, but book early to avoid disappointment.

see Prices page for contact details.

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